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At Jed's Tree Service LLC we offer the utmost care when it comes to safety and efficient services. Our cutting and removal methods allow us to remove trees of any size for a competitve price. We are a honest and dependable business built on years of experience in the tree service industry. You will find that our staff is always dependable and take care of your property or area like it was their own. We never drive our trucks on to properties in order to prevent damage to the landcaping or lawn. We are also a fully insured business so you can rest easy knowing that no damage will come to your property. Let the experts from Jed's Tree Service LLC show you why we are the best tree service company in the Greater Strum area today! It would be our pleasure to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Contact our Strum, WI location today for more information or a free quote!

Do you have a dead tree endangering your property?

Do you have a dead tree endangering your property?

Signs of a dead or dying tree:

-Peeling Bark at base of trunk.

-The top of the tree has broken off in a storm.

-Visible insect infestation.

-If the leaves fade or turn brown in the middle of the season.

-Visible rotting.

If you see any of these signs do not hesitate calling Jed's Tree Service LLC. Removing a dying tree could save you thousands of dollars in damage!

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