3 Reasons to Get a Tree Removed

Hire us for your tree removal in Strum, Altoona, Osseo, Menomonie or Eau Claire, WI

Questioning whether to eliminate that unhealthy tree out back? Here’s three reasons to call our team:

You’ll eliminate a danger to your home and property. A decaying or dying tree is at a far greater risk of breaking during a storm or high wind. It’s important to remove the tree before a heavy branch can crush your vehicle, damage your roof or even injure your family! We have experienced arborists that can handle all of your tree services. 

You’ll decrease your liability. If your tree falls on a neighbor’s home, you may be responsible for any damages. It’s also important to protect yourself from liability if you’re a commercial property owner!

You’ll open up new possibilities for your landscape. Want a new flower bed? Considering installing a pool? Removing a tree from your Strum, Altoona, Osseo, Menomonie or Eau Claire, WI property will allow you to use that space for something else.

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Jed's Tree Service LLC is available for tree and stump removal in Strum, Altoona, Osseo, Menomonie & Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Our arborists are safe and highly experienced. Call us today at 715-530-4472 to receive a free estimate!

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