Tree Growing Out of Control?

We're available for tree trimming in Strum, Altoona, Osseo, Menomonie & Eau Claire, WI

Do you have trees that are growing out of control? Are their branches scraping your siding or roof?

Hire Jed's Tree Service LLC for your tree trimming. Our arborists are highly skilled, diligently safe professionals who can climb even the tallest trees. Let us prune your tree before it overtakes your property!

Available for work in Strum, Altoona, Osseo, Menomonie & Eau Claire, Wisconsin, our fully insured tree arborist will:

- Prevent your tree from breaking during a high wind
- Remove dangerous limbs that threaten your home or property
- Reduce tree shade in areas where you want to grow turf grass

Bring out your tree's true beauty

Our tree arborists can do more than just operate a chainsaw. They’re qualified to advise you regarding your tree’s health and appearance. Trust us to provide you with expert tree shaping.

Call us today at 715-530-4472 to receive a free estimate for your tree services in Strum, Altoona, Osseo, Menomonie & Eau Claire, Wisconsin!

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